Friday, November 3, 2023

Re opening the Camden Line

 Well, that thinking will never happen, in our lifetime anyway. But it has happened on the "Camden Layout" after a long spell. My first job was to clean any debry from the track, before I can accept any trains from Campbelltown, I sent my Per way crew out to certify the track was in good condition to accept a train or two. 

Per Way Inspection

Finally, after following the Per way crew from Camden to Campbelltown, and one needs to be fit to do that, and it felt like an 8-mile walk, it was certified ok to run trains. 

Unpacking from the boxes, was the slow part, putting them on the track took no time at all, but finding a parking spot was another problem. This started out a few years ago, to be a reduced size layout, one locomotive and some rolling stock. What I have now is 8 locomotives and a heap of rolling stock. 

I think the crew are inspecting the running gear. 
on the other side of the loco, they are not in the cab.

The layout was not completely idle during the lull, I just have a fascination for scenery. I also got involved in watching "YouTube" and films uploaded by photographers chasing "Pansy" which set my wheels in motion to do more scenery. I think I have enough on the layout now, and adding more, will make the layout appear too cluttered.

A Gazebo has been added.

During a trip to Sydney in September, we made a stop off at Frontline Hobbies, in Newcastle. This is where we found the Lazer Kit for the Gazebo. Just the thing for the picnic area.

And just to finish off, one of our group members decided to have a running day and as he has double track and DCC, he wanted 4 trains running on the day. So I offered my services to help with the running, 2 clockwise and 2 anti-clockwise. All went well on the day and the only problem I had was when both trains lashed up together, but as they were both moving they did not derail. The following post- mortem didn't reveal whether the 2nd train caught up to the first train, or the 1st train did a complete circle and caught up to the 2nd train. How ever no damaged was done except to my "ego".

Until next time, Cheers for now.

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